3D Showcase Features

3D Virtual Tours from Tour It Now are stunningly realistic tours that can be embedded into any website similar to embedding a Youtube Video or accessed directly the link we provide.

Click on the following video to see how Tamborrel Properties uses this technology to showcase their listings.

Virtual tours are finally virtual! The dollhouse allows users to peer through the ceiling and walls to conceptualize the layout.

Spin it around to find a room then click and watch as you’re instantly transported to that area.


When home buyers are looking for a new home, they usually have to rely on photos to make judgements about the space. Our technology automatically renders a floor plan which is great for out of state buyers or those who can’t tour the space on site.

Our 3D cameras not only take photos of spaces but are equipped with several sensors to create a mesh. This underlying polygon mesh allows collaborators to take accurate measurements.


Our Matterport 3D Virtual Tours can be embedded directly in your website similar to a YouTube video. The latest mobile iOS and Android devices now support our 3D tours giving the user an exceptional mobile virtual reality experience.

Matterport Studio Apps will allow you to make changes to your model through easy to use web and mobile apps. Soon you will be able to add virtual furniture or change the color of a wall.

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Oculus Rift Virtual Tour

3D Virtual Reality is the future. Our virtual tours are built in such a way that when the technology reaches the consumer level, they will be easily adapted to use with virtual reality headsets such as the Oculus Rift or Samsung Gear VR.


As many Real Estate agents know, traditional virtual tours aren’t that effective. They’re used more to satisfy the seller than to impress the buyer. They’re often too hard to navigate and they’re not cost effective.
3D Virtual Showcases are completely different. Not only are they much more intuitive and immersive but they’re actually virtual! Many people are already familiar with Google Maps so they understand how to navigate through a space.
Many Real Estate agents are turning to video to show off a property. Although videos are visually impressive and give a new perspective, they still lack the control that home buyers crave.
3D Virtual Showcases are the ideal blend of function and beauty. Sellers will be happy that their property is being showcased with superior technology; buyers will be impressed with the visually rich experience; and you, the Agent, will differentiate your marketing plan from the rest.

Interior Virtual Tour

Because we are three dimensional beings, it can be hard to conceptualize a space just by looking at 2D pictures. Allow clients to step directly into your work to have a look around.
Sign up to become a collaborator and we will give you access to the “Matterport Workshop” which allows you to take accurate measurements of rooms and any object within the space. No need to be on site to measure a room to see if the furniture will fit. The Matterport Workshop allows you to take accurate measurements of rooms and any object in the space. Click on “Measurement Tools” above for a demonstration.


When choosing a hotel, vacation rental or bed & breakfast, people want to explore the space even before they arrive. What better way than a 3D virtual showcase to draw people in before they even step in? Woo potential customers before they even book their date. 3D Virtual Showcases are the most cost effective way to let people experience the space.


Adjusters and appraisers can now capture stunningly vivid 3D perspectives to make critical decisions. This is much more comprehensive than simple photographs. Conceptualize damaged properties, take accurate measurements, determine square footage, and capture images from any angle.
Team members and associates can then walk damaged properties from the convenience of the office simply by viewing the showcase.


3D Virtual Tours are ideal for retail stores, restaurants, art galleries, theaters, wedding venues, and all other public spaces and venues. Show off your space to potential guests in a rich, visual experience.