The way ahead with Matterport VR.



Over the last 6 months the interest in virtual reality and Matteport has exploded due to more mainstream media picking up the hype. The Money Magazine issue covered it in January, Inman News had the CEO of Matterport at Inman Connect NYC, Fox business news had the CEO of Matterport showing off the VR capabilities, now Fortune Magazine talks about the future of Real estate with VR.

Fortune Article

Matterport at Inman Connect NYC

With all the hype, why is important?

Just as the internet and the pc/ laptop/ tablet/ smart phone has changed the last 20 years, this is the next step in technology. Not only for real estate or business, but for all, specially in education.

Imagine you have a child in 4th grade, and he comes home from school today and says ” today we went on a field trip to the inside of the space shuttle! “, I don’t remember signing a release form? ” we put this VR goggle thing on and we were inside the space shuttle, we could look around and it felt like I was there! ”

Talk about sparking curiosity and allowing learning in an entirely new way, there was a time when you would read about it, then you saw pictures, then video, but now you can explore it as if you’re there.

The possibilities are endless and it’s a wonder to imagine how different children will see the world compared to you and I.

The conversation about VR in the aiding students has been around for a few year, Stanford university conducted a study in 2008.

Stanford 2008 Study: The use of immersive virtual reality in the learning sciences: Digital transformations of teachers, students, and social context.

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Google Education VR in Schools